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Shane Financial Services, llc

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Ronnie Shane
IN - 454741
Shane Financial Services, llc
125 S. Franklin St. Unit 1995
Muncie IN 47308

I offer the following types of insurance products and I am contracted with numerous companies to find the best value for my clients



Indexed Universal Life                                            Guaranteed Universal Life

Term Life Insurance                                                Universal Life with Living Benefits    

Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits                Whole Life Insurance            

Term Life Insurance with Return of Premium         Final Expense Life Insurance       

Interest Crediting Single Premium Whole Life       Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Annuities - Single Premium                                   Annuities - Equity Indexed

Annuities – Deferred                                              Annuties - Short Term Guaranteed 

Medicare Supplements                                          Medicare Advantage (MA / MAPD)   

Medicare Prescription (PDP)                                  Health Insurance                         

Dental, Vision, Hearing Insurance                          Hosptial Indemnity Insurance 

Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke Insurance                  Critical Illness Insurance

Chronic Illness Insurance                                        Dental Insurance                         

Vision Insurance                                                     Travel Insurance                           

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